One day I got an email at work from a Brazilian couple looking for a paddle board sponsor to help provide some boards for their around the world sailing trip. The more I learned about the adventure the more curious i got. 

Sarah and Renato Somewhere in Panama @sailipanema

If they can do it why cant I? I love the ocean so living and traveling the world by boat seemed to make a lot of sense.


But the sea can be a lonely place without your true love. With a little buttering up she's all in, i mean what could go wrong! 

Convincing BAE the trip is a good idea!

Why “Gone Troppo”?

I had this good friend who lived and worked in San Diego most of his life and one day he took a position abroad in Indo. He disappeared for 5 years and when he came back to visit every so often I noticed he was acting a bit loose.

I said damn man, you changed since you left and he laughed and said yea..he had “Gone Troppo” or at least that’s what his ozzie mates told him back in Indo.


The name was catchy and I liked his new attitude so I decided to name the expedition “Gone Troppo”



Dreams to Reality

The original plan was to start out in the med but when i realized the med is only missing one thing – Real SURF! And since I like a bit of surf and paddle I decided to seek out a used blue water ready vessel in the South Pacific and the rest is history!




Love at first Sight